Growing Better Lives


We coined a new phrase to try to capture the experience of Greencare which encompasses the supportive and safe space for both difficult and happy feelings and the sense of peace …Yurtfulness … we like it!

We shared some fantastic news: Hayley and Sam completed their 15K run (with obstacles) last Sunday and raised nearly £1,400 for Greencare! Our heartfelt congratulations and thanks go to them both 🙂

 We welcomed our visitor Hazel who will be with us for a few weeks, who is also attending the Embrace group and is helping us host the Easter Gathering next Tuesday. We also once again welcomed one of our shaggy four legged friends Sir Duke who thoroughly enjoyed the company and the cuddles.

David succeeded where so many of us have failed for many months, in that he got the fire alight and kept it alight throughout the day making the Yurt warm and inviting. I bet our resident pyromaniac and candle fiddler, Professessaurus Rex will be jealous!

After our usual check in we decided that our task for the day was to prepare the yurt for our guests next week. Our resident soup gecko Sharon, assisted by Hilary and Hazel prepared a delicious lunch of sweet potato, carrot and swede soup which was enjoyed by all followed by hot cross buns which were kindly supplied by David.

We enjoyed listening to a group of children who were enjoying the environmental centre and we thought about how much we enjoy sharing the site with other visitors and how much we were looking forward to seeing our friends from the Embrace group next Tuesday.

In the meantime, we wish you much “Yurtfulness” over the holiday weekend and in the following week.