Growing Better Lives

What country is named after a tree?

Just one of the questions we quizzed over at our latest GreenCloud gathering!

The Nature Quiz prepared by one of our members for our ‘fun and games’ part of our meeting really  challenged our Nature Knowledge. Sharon and Rex tied with the top score of 9 (from 18 questions)  and the tie-breaker question gave Rex victory – his prize being the job of setting our next quiz 🙂 And Vanessa did not cheat (or if she did, she did it so badly she didn’t win…)

Earlier on in the meeting we shared our nature experiences – many thanks to our friend Natasha for the lovely video of her hedgehog in the garden.

And lovely scenes of flowers that seemed so courageous, taken by one of our members on his  daily cycle ride, plus memories of a trip to Virginia Waters – we particularly loved this waterfall.

It won’t be long until we can make trips out to see these beautiful places again, but in the meantime we can all find something beneficial in the nature around us – whether it is feeding ducks or being on horseback.

Rex showed us the ‘progress’ of his Bonsai trees (named after some of our group members): three are surviving but one really struggling (poor Leanne!)

Checking in and out with our planticons as usual  – plus we spent some time looking at pictures to  create a new one, representing ‘Feeling Angry’. Some ideas already and more to be added next week. Our opening choices represented the fact we felt a bit low today – Poppies for sadness and pain and the Flowering Thistle being ‘difficult but worthwhile’ .

Being together, sharing nature and having fun brought us some relief – and at the end there were choices of Daises (playful and fun), Bluebell (comfortable) alongside recognition that times were Difficult but still Worthwhile (the Flowering Thistle again!)

Looking forward to next Wednesday when we meet again in our GreenCloud.

And if you want to know the answer to “What country is named after a tree?” watch this (green) space!