Growing Better Lives

Welcome home!

Happy Birthday, Sharon – and for your special celebration we back in the yurt for our Thursday group. We enjoyed party fare and some extremely and wonderfully pungent cheese which had been patiently waiting for us in the fridge for the last month.


Then there is the small matter of mending the damage that Storm Doris did a few weeks ago: we felt it was a good idea to get a roof over our shed – so we did. After weeks of waiting and prevarication, we nailed it.

We played games – pickup-sticks – of which Sharon is the Queen, Empress and Goddess of all she plays. The competition mounted, and dastardly feelings emerged in one of the competitors. ‘He nobbled my stick finger!’ shrieked the Queen, Empress and Goddess.

And the boring stuff – housekeeping with a dodgy hoover: quicker to beat the rugs with a big stick. Fridge cleaned out (some very ripe Stilton too), fire cleaned out (maybe not needed again till Autumn) – and the area round the yurt cleared of nettles and weeds.

Back in business – good fun had by all. Daisies all round!