Growing Better Lives

Trust and respect

Check-in was difficult but the group agreed that it was good that everyone felt safe enough to talk about our difficulties and that we got to hear good news as well, it felt safe and right place to be.  Everyone felt that this may be because group members care about each other and it feels safe to bring difficult experiences without judgement, one member saying that it feels like a cuddle.

We welcomed our slithering friend Johnny back to the Yurt and he received a cuddle from everyone the group. We missed visiting the horses again this week as bonds had been built up over the months and our visit was an enjoyable part of the day.

Making lunch was anxious and dramatic with potatoes wouldn’t cook in a microwave that wouldn’t cook either then finally gave up the ghost, and a fire that kept going out. However, all was good in the end as we enjoyed a delicious lunch of baked potatoes, beans, cheese and tuna topped with a rich and fruity white chocolate and strawberry cake kindly brought by Neil.

After lunch we visited the allotment and replaced the information board by our scarecrow Nat that had been rained off, and harvested the remaining crops. We were delighted with our new diaries making the first entry and sticking in our Planticon stickers.

After writing this blog and check out we made our way home looking forward to seeing each other next week.