Growing Better Lives

Togtherness with Abundance, Bountiful, Industrious, Productive and all!

A cold start but a warm welcome! The smell of the fire welcomed home our group and our visitor Jazz. A larger group today for check in, a really honest and open time for everyone and supportive, empathetic feedback was given and appreciated.

After showing our guest  the horses, we made our plan of the day and half the group zoomed off to Wickes to but stain for the outside table. Should have known David would come back
with orange stain… and that Lynda and James would find the bargain paint brushes! Meanshile, back at camp the lunch was started and a tour of the site given to show off its wonders and eat its tomatoes!
The garden of time, the ‘water garden’ was a favourite spot, there was an abundance of vegetables growing everywhere and Anne and Jazz were initiated into Greencare by use of the slide!

Lunch was as bountiful of always – very filing, wholesome, ‘hunky’ substance to fill our bodies –  and we were lucky the sun shone and we could all eat outside!

Then some excellent and industrious team work on painting the table and sanding the chairs. The paint dried quickly in the sun, several coats were applied to the table and a very productive time was had with the bonus of the secure ‘togetherness’. – the togetherness felt secure. Meanwhile Sharon and Jason were sent to sort out the shed with David (and rescued bags of chocolate eggs!). Reports of Sharon and Jason having a fiddle in the shed are a subject of much concern 🙂

It was so great outside we  didn’t wanted to stop painting and sit down in a hot yurt! But good to think through the day and to check out, already looking forward to next week.