Growing Better Lives

Togetherness and Celebrating the skink

Bigger group than last week of six special souls, met with some difficult thoughts and feelings which were helped by speaking and supporting. We split up into two working groups – one outside painting Mark’s bench sea grass green and the other working in the yurt on  repairing the chandelier (but decided to wait for Prof and his electrical wizardry to finish next week). A member of the painting  team, James, commented out therapeutic it was to work together, having a chat and doing a good job at the same time! Of course, second coat needed next week!…Lots of planning for the coming weeks, need to get a move on repairing the felt on the shed roof. Luckily the recent cold snap didn’t damage our seedlings which are nearly ready to be potted on.

After our own cooked lunch of tomato pasta and Sharon’s ubiquitous egg mayonnaise had a group trip to our local Flowerland and Jungle to pick up Sharon’s newest family addition – a blue-tongue skink – see photo below! Amazing colours, smooth to the touch – a cross between suede and silk we decided! Sharon and Lynda had to leave early and the rest of us returned to the yurt for some housekeeping and plant watering.

A well spent day, another day of yurtfulness, with the usual accompanying laughter.