Growing Better Lives

Three Knights of the Round Table

A small group of three arrived at the yurt and settled down with a cup of tea for check in and planning the day. Ruth asked us to water the tomatoes since they were a bit ‘crispy’ in all this heat. Job down then off to Wickes for the tools for the main challenge f the day – sanding down the Greencare Garden Table – a magnificent round beast but needed its wooden top sanding down to make all smooth and beautiful. Before that cleaning outside the yurt then making and eating cheesy tomato pasta a la yurt and our own created ice-cream sundaes. A game of dominoes and a walk around the site then down to the hard work of sanding! We exceeded our expectations and got a great job done in a short time!


So a very busy and full day, weather cooling down from heatwave of previous week thank goodness. Happy, tired but contented at check out 😊