Growing Better Lives

The Yurties get festive!

On a cold and frosty morning (well, not so cold for those wearing thermals,) we made our way to the Yurt. Waiting for a member who was late due to changes in buses we settled down with a nice warm drink and talked about the day ahead.

During check in it was really good to hear from people who sometimes bottle things up too much. There was lots of support and warmth for each other and lots of practical health offered as well as understanding.

It was then time to split into groups, one for lunch, one for bird feeding and one for bread buying as Hils forgot what she had to bring .. again, sigh!. We ran into a problem when trying to hang our fat and seed balls the other week as the string kept slipping away from the ball so James, Johnny and Hils developed an innovative idea of hanging the fat balls in netting from satsumas! Up-cycling at it’s best in good old Greencare style.

Innovative design

After being well and truly stuffed with pasta one group made the Yurt neat and tidy whilst the other group went foraging for greenery to decorate the Yurt. Johnny did a sterling job by clearing some of the ivy from a lovely wall on site as Ruth from Ground Works said that was a job that needed doing, at least we’ve made a good start on that .

Goodbye to Ivy

The foraging group brought spoils of Holly, ivy, and yew back to the Yurt group who wove the evergreens into the struts of the Yurt, then embellished with bows to the sound of Christmas songs.

While Vanessa gets on with decorating the Yurt, Sharon and Jayson decorate themselves!

Sir Duke sported a Santa hat at a rakish angle with festive fairy lights draped about him (Sir Duke was not that happy though!)

Dog adorning

Sir Duke in his festive glory

After this full and fun day we cleared up and sat down for check out. The group Feeling very different than when we started – more content, more relaxed and looking forward to some more festive fun next week!