Growing Better Lives

10th March: The mystery of the Silver Ring … a mystery no more!

As usual we had our morning check-in although a few of our number were missing this week, and the remaining members wished those who were absent to know we were holding them in mind, so texts and photos were taken of the group and sent to them.

James talked to us about his charity work for a company that receives donations of partially used shampoo, conditioner and body wash from  luxury hotels such as the Ritz that it then rebottles and donates to vulnerable people and other charitable organisations.  He has promised to bring us in a sample of each.

Leek and potato soup was on the menu today, so Sharon and Hils kindly dug up said veg while James nourished the allotment beds with potash courtesy of the ash from the wood burning stove in the Yurt.  Meanwhile, Mary cooked healthy chips included in todays lunch.

We ate quite a lot of delicious food today


Potato and leek soup

Sharon’s Legendry Egg Mayonnaise sandwiched in a soft white bread roll

Mary’s healthy chips with pilau seasoning

Hil’s Higgity Pie

and delicious Satsumas kindly brought in by James for us to share

Over lunch we discussed experimenting with a no-dig method of preparing the soil in the allotment to get it ready for planting.  Needless to say, we all struggled to stay awake after this mammoth lunch, but we finally made it out into the fresh air which made us feel nice and awake and ready to work!

We had an exciting discovery, we found the much sought missing treasure of Lady Lianne, a much loved silver ring!  Another exciting discovery was a delicious compost matured from the nettles the Greencare team weeded from the allotment last Autumn which we used to top the thoroughly weeded allotment as part of our experiment of our no-dig method.

As always, we were shocked at how quickly the day had passed as we reflected on all that we had achieved.  As we checked out we again thought of those unable to be with us today and how we look forward to their return.

There was much laughter as always, and so much fun!  Roll on next week!