Growing Better Lives

The Grateful Yurties- Thank you so much Hayley and Sam

A lovely tea party was held at the Yurt today in honour of Hayley (the daughter of one of our group members) and her friend Sam who together raised an amazing £1500 by valiant exertions at a 15k Rough Runner event last April (see full story and YouTube link under ‘donate’ on our menu bar.  A further £100 was raised after this piece was written).

Well done and Thank you – YOU GREENCARE LEGENDS ROCK!

This was a gruelling course that included running and assault course over both land and water including some electric shocks along the way! Hayley and Sam’s efforts funded a much needed replacement of a crown for the Yurt, this is a piece of canvas with a window in the top to let in light as the Yurt has no other windows, also our wood burner needed replacing and is essential to keep us warm in the winter as well as adding to the feeling of cosiness as it has a glass door allowing us to see the flames. Our main light was broken so we were able to replace this with stunning Turkish lamps and replace a few of our wicker chairs and buy a new kettle.

Our lovely new ‘crown’. Green in honour of Greencare

Our lovely shiny new wood burner

Colourful, stunning Turkish Lamps in situ, also showing the inside of the new crown.

We were also joined by other honoured guests, Sir Duke our canine Greencare member who brought along with him his friend Poppy who enjoyed the festivities.

Rex formally thanking Hayley, with a bemused Poppy on her lap

Much joy and laughter was shared over delicious tea-time treats, all manner of sandwiches, tartlets as well as a beautiful rose adorned cake. As if this wasn’t enough Johnny brought his guitar and serenaded the proceedings with his beautiful lilting Irish singing voice of Scottish and Irish folk songs (including a very rude one that Hils joined in on, but didn’t know the rude bits apparently).

Musical stylings and dulcet tones of Johnny

This is a piece written by Hayley explaining why she and Sam wished to fundraise for Greencare:


For over 20 years my mum Lynda has suffered with severe Bipolar and Personality Disorder. In 2015 mum was having a difficult time and had to spend 6 weeks at Prospect Park Hospital.
On discharge the ASSIST team offered support to mum and suggested she looked into some of the groups Slough mental Health team offered. Mum has always found socialising and trying new things challenging but she agreed to try Greencare. Mum attended and we were gob-smacked when she returned full of joy at the things she had done, raving that it was the most peaceful and beautiful place she had been. She described it as having found a little piece of paradise.
From this mum has blown us all away, it has opened so many doors for her. She is now a trained mentor, attending various different groups several times a week, reviews other mental health establishments, attends the Royal college of Psychiatry, gives speeches at events on mental health, the list is endless and this space isn’t big enough to write about them all. What I can say is her life has changed completely, yes she still suffers with mental health but she now has a purpose, she is finally doing what she has always dreamed of. Rather than sitting in her bedroom 7 days a week I see her leave the house off to a group or meeting, standing tall and proud with a sense of purpose. I cannot describe to you how special this is to us.
All of this is thanks to Greencare where it all started. Mum still attends every week and loves it just as much. BUT they get no funding, they are in desperate need to replace some items like the wood burning stove to keep warm, as well as somewhere to store the logs and other items for activities.
Myself and my best friend Sam are going to run Rough Runner a 15k plus 20 obstacles, a course for athletes (god hep us).
We are fundraising to keep Greencare going, to keep this special place going for those that need a little piece of paradise in times of difficulty.
Thank you for any help.

Hayley and Sam, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your efforts and support