Growing Better Lives

The carpets get a beating and it ends up in a sticky business

After check-in, the group decided it was time to do a floor makeover. All the mats were swept, hoovered and removed. We vented our stress beating dust out of the mats on the bridge rail, watching clouds of dust floating away on the breeze

 Time for a pasta lunch, mainly prepared by Sharon, which we’d planned to enjoy on the deck but rain stopped play and we returned to the yurt for cover, listening to the deafening sound of heavy rain on the canvas

The afternoon saw us on our knees getting to grip with the carpet tape. A team effort was needed to apply the tape, peel it back and stick down the mats.

100 feet of tape seemed excessive to begin with but after an hour, the roll had pretty much gone and the carpets were firmly stuck down. Let’s hope trips are now a thing of the past!

Linda told us of the fun she had had this past week on the Thames rowing, or trying to row,  with her Goddaughter. The experience and the tales from it made us all laugh. We thought maybe a Greencare day out to do something fun and silly like hiring boats might be a good plan! 

A good day was had by all!