Growing Better Lives

Thank goodness it’s yurt day!

TGIYD! An emotional return after our two week break. Phenomenal news from our crowdfunding project – already reached our £1000 target  and more. Hayley and Sam – you are inspirational and set us running with loads of ideas to take this further.

Fruitful morning with lots of sorting and lifting making our new shed even more beautiful than ever. An emotional late check-in but the yurt started to do its magic. Watering plants that were desperately thirsty, replenishing ourselves with leek and potato soup from our resident soup gecko and our GBL egg mayonnaise.


After lunch we planted and potted and weeded and watered and… finally… introduced our scarecrow, Nat, to the world.  He/she is standing proud  by our bench and shed. A battered heart, an hole for emptiness, black and white face for up and down moods and lots more to represent the struggles of our group.

Closing the day with plant emoticons stickers, reflection and check-out. really looking forward to next week.