Growing Better Lives

Taking a bow

Check-in with the GreenCloud group and some troubled feelings of high anxiety, anger and pain, and our ‘difficult but worthwhile’ flowering thistle. And technical difficulties were haunting Vanessa whose ‘unstable connection’ was causing many problems, including her voice being slow and stuttered, robot like.  We were definitely in need of some nature inspired sharing and fun today!

Some amazing views capture in photos were shared today. Our resident cyclist had visited Horseshoe lake, situated between Bracknell and Sandhurst. Named after the horseshoe-shaped island within it, this amazing lake was created from disused gravel pits and looks well worth a visit. The swans on another lake, in Virginia Waters, were captured in this stunning photo by Jodie with the setting sun illuminating their shadows.

We also shared some beautiful flowers. This hypericum has been planted by Sharon – its berries turn red in winter and provide food for birds. And a visit to a friends garden gave us photos of lots of great flowers, including this pretty pink one, whose name none of us can remember. Any ideas?

But the most incredible sharing came with a video of our equine member. She is learning to bow her head (with the careful positioning of treats between the front legs). The video showing this was magical and lifted all our spirits :-). horse bowing video

All of this took longer than usual and didn’t leave much time for fun and games. However, we managed three quick rounds of Animal Twenty Questions, with a tortoise, a tarantula and a fox all being correctly guessed (eventually!)

Check-out with our Planticons showed a more settled group – still some anxiety and pain but also feeling of being ‘Protective and safe’ and ‘Steady and Trustworthy’ plus some ‘Playful and Fun’ daisies being chosen. Good to have our GreenCloud space where we can just be ourselves in this troubled world 🙂