Growing Better Lives

Supportive Greencare

2016-02-25 photoVery supportive day, exploring relationships in a mutual theme of the need for acknowledgement and validation, about how we commonly find it easier to support and grieve for others rather than for ourselves. Others can often see aspects of ourselves which we are blind to.

Yurt is drying out, brushed pooling water from new gaiter, dehumidifier working wonders. It’s amazing how the yurt is so synonymous with emotional safety and congruity, even more so now that fungal spore gate is gradually resolving. Part of our connection is akin to unconscious fungus, a metaphor for what it is to be us in the yurt. We spread, we thrive, we flourish; we are fungi’s to be with.

No access to the kitchen today so unanimous decision to decamp to the local pub for lunch. 🙂