Growing Better Lives

Spring is Sprung

What a day!  The beauty of seeing all of the new shoots and flowers standing tall and proud, some small and dainty.  Feeling the warmth of the sun it makes you feel good.  Feeling the heat of the sun on the wooden rail.  It was great to come into the yurt with the electricity on and the wood fire roaring, the smell of the fire felt so welcoming.


As we were waiting for Sharon we went shopping for wood – it was hard to
find!  Spring flowers displayed in abundance outside the shop was a
lovely sight to see and made Lynda happy, Magnolias, Midnight Jasmine and
Violas and Primula.

Back at the Yurt, check in was a bit difficult but feedback was very beneficial.  It was difficult to hear some news but it was also exciting, a mixture of emotions.  So many changes and decisions is unsettling, but possibilities and new beginnings was also exciting and sad.  There was a lot of anger which feels like it should be avoided at all costs, but having it acknowledged and validated lessened the pressure and being at Greencare lessened it further.  We were missing the members who couldn’t be with us today, they missed seeing what we saw and we would have liked them to share it with us.

Lunch was delicious, cooked on the wood burning stove, baked potatoes and baked beans and cheese.  Neil said it felt like camping because of the camping saucepan. (it was a good thing).   We chatted over lunch about a variety of things, both fun things and worrying things.   After lunch we felt light fresh air had to be wafted through the yurt, we clapped and brushed our auras.  Tapped away negative energy.

We felt quite soulful and were moved to read poems and blessings that were meaningful to us.    Particularly moving for those who were reading, very close to tears.  We wanted to give something, hope and encouragement.  The listeners were touched by the readings too, took the meaning to heart.  Neil wants to bring something that is meaningful to him when he next visits.

There was a  deepness today, but not a deepness that dragged you down, there was laughter and jokes and beauty and kinship.

We walked after lunch in the sunshine again enjoying the beauty of nature.  We visited the story circle and took photos of us sitting in the storyteller throne.  We played the story game where each person has to say a sentence:  

Hils: The intrepid four yomped through the woods …

Neil: With Duke leading the way …

Sharon:  and Sharon close behind …

Lynda (who’s mind had been somewhere else)  Do you know those ones with the rubbery leaves?

Back at the ranch, we enjoyed an game of pick up sticks and ….. Lynda joined in and came second … What?!  We were able to have the door open for the sun to flood the yurt and positive energy to flow in.  Too soon it was time for check out and to say our goodbyes until next week.  After check-out we just sat for a few moments, not quite wanting to leave, there was such a stillness … What a day.






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