Growing Better Lives

Smokey and bubble wars in the yurt

A very big welcome for our special guest today at check in – Smokey, a member’s dog visiting our yurt for the first time.
He has lots of fuss and a pampering ear-trimming session plus walks, new areas to discover and a comfy place to sleep 🙂

Check in allowed us to share what was on our minds and helped us to be with each other  – the unspoken Greencare of effect of acceptance and trust supporting us, like a big cuddle just when you need it. No expectations, no pretence needed just safety and warmth.

Three trips made to the horses today and we had pleasure of seeing them move to another field and run freely – they looked like poetry in motion, epitomising freedom and natural beauty.

Big baked spuds for lunch, beans, cheese, tuna and, of course, Sharon’s famous egg mayonnaise.
Then some interesting amusement as a couple of members decided that blowing bubbles was the perfect after lunch activity – as usual, Sharon won the war!!!
We collected new recipes and thoughts for future lunches

Plans were hatched for a new version of the Greencare journal: this has been really missed and we all decided what we wanted in this new diary. Vanessa to go off and prepare a prototype!

Plant emoticons were chosen and we all checked out knowing that Greencare had given us the day we need, made so special with the presence of our new friend, Smokey. Going home dog tired!