Growing Better Lives

Slither and Hiss

Johnny arrived in the yurt with some trepidaton. He is four feet long, smoother than Johnny Depp (who he is named after), rippling with powerful musculature, cuddlier than a cat and more mesmerising than a tank of fish. A royal python he is. He soon made friends with David, knocked his glasses off and curled round his neck as a living scarf.

Outside, Doris blew her windy way – with flapping of the canvas and creaking of the woodwork. If it wasn’t for the trees around us, the yurt would probably have taken off – and maybe landed on the wicked witch of the west.

Hils brought in her spare mini-greenhouse, and we put it up in the yurt – ready for planting everything in the spring. We are planning to start that next week. The scarecrow now has hole, a heart and a head.

Lots of laughs over lunch – Sharon’s super soup – and a game of word association that went rather random.