Growing Better Lives

September 8th: accomplishment, thoughtfulness and laughter!

The day started with a cup of tea and one (or four) of Vanessa’s homemade ‘bake-off’ challenge Viennese Whirls, toe curling scrumptious. File 09-09-2016, 11 11 50After a thoughtful check-in we moved onto planning making a shopping list of a shed, ideas for a base and seeds to sow next week’s Greencare. We ordered perpetual spinach, turnips, cabbage and carrot – so lots of delicious ideas for next seasons lunches! All this planning was written down on our new calendar.

After the lunch which we all prepared and enjoyed together we rested our digestive systems and played a guessing game, deciding that Rex was ‘sunny and breezy’ and Jason ‘Cheese and Onion crisps’… Vanessa would be a piccolo (or any other annoying instrument), rock chick Sharon would be drums and bass, Hils would be a cello and  posh ‘sea salt and cracked pepper crisps’ (although Jason though Ready Salted more suitable due to being common!)

File 08-09-2016, 15 30 31

After that we got on with tasks on the allotment included watering our seedlings and beds, clearing nettles and preparing other beds for planning next week.

Once again we accomplished so much with both thoughtfulness and laughter