Growing Better Lives

Rescue Remedy!

Rescue Remedy, this is was what Greencare seemed to be today as most of us felt a bit wobbly to begin with.  But check-in and supportive feedback from ‘family’ helped to promote a sense of well-being and containment. 

We replenished the wood basket for our wonderful new self-cleaning wood burner.  Unfortunately the wood was wet and this inflamed our creativity and we formulated a cunning plan to get another container in the yurt in which to season the wood for burning.

Lynda requested the new leaflets to fan the interest that is already there at reception at New Horizons (Vanessa) also she needs some for world mental health day and for her intimate evening with Russell Brand.

We all took part in making lunch which was carrot Swede sweet potato soup and of course the famous Yurt egg mayo.

We were feeling snoozey after this feast so we had few quite competitive games of Uno which had the desired effect of enlivening us.

The day ended with everyone feeling more relaxed, comforted and at ease.