Growing Better Lives

Rain stopped play – don’t blow your top

We arrived at yurt to find the crown cover had blown off in the storm and the rain had gotten in wetting the table cloth and carpet, However, no real damage done, but the priority of the day was to make the yurt weather proof once more.  Rex, Chris, Jason and James did a good job securing it as a temporary measure, but a new crown cover is on the cards and there was discussion about having a coloured one, perhaps green to symbolise Greencare.

The day started a few minutes later than usual as everyone arrived by bus today, but we soon settled to start the day in welcoming Neil to the group as he will be co facilitating the group sometimes.  Lynda and Vanessa were missed as they had other things to do and couldn’t make it to group.  The group felt that check in today was easier, as last week there was some anxiety and difficult issues.

Rex joined us until lunchtime and was very disappointed as unfortunately he had to leave before pudding (which was delicious by the way Rex), Strawberries, cream and lemon tart.  We had a surprise visit from a potential new member who popped in for a short while to see the yurt hopefully we will be welcoming her back very soon.

We couldn’t embark on any outdoor activities today due to the rain, so after lunch we had a lively game of Uno, with much hilarity and laughter won by Sharon, Chris was winning champ at pick-up sticks, well done Chris!.

Our lovely vegetable plants are doing well enjoying the sun and the rain so we are looking forward to the delicious soups they will make during the Autumn.