Growing Better Lives

Playful and Green

Lots of anxiety around at the start of the group today with all groups members having some element of this, along with feelings of anger and sadness, and saying they feels things are ‘difficult but worthwhile’

A plethora of amazing nature photos shared today. Two members had taken photos at California Country Park (near Wokingham): this one of birds in flight we thought was spectacular. So much to see in this photos from the soaring bird to the bottom one fishing, and the ducks paddling along furiously. Beautiful clear water, vivid green trees and a summer sky  – perfect!

This second photo from the same park is very different – a green oasis. Some of us saw this as peaceful wilderness, maybe a place to hide, a green immersion – or even a confused mind with so many different textures and shades. Just shows that nature is powerful – but different people experience it in different ways 🙂

More photos – some flowers, and animals. Swans are a favourite of ours and these two look amazing. And we saw the stable where our equine member resides, plus this fabulous shot of her taking her first jump (alongside our human member on top!). Well done to you both for this J

Really good to share nature in this way, and some laughs too particularly over Rex showing us his kombucha and Scoby, and, surprisingly, with the photos of Vanessa’s roses…

More laughter followed as we played our version of ‘Who am I?”, which Leanne triumphed in with her speedy recognition that she was Queen Victoria J All feeling much better at the end of the session, making plans for next week and choosing check-out planticons of Seedlings (Hopeful, promise of progress/new life) and Daisies (Playful and fun). Watch this space to see what we get up to next week!