Growing Better Lives

Nurtured by Nature in the GreenCloud

Good to all meet up after missing last week. Some complex feelings at check-in: negative and low, some anger and anxiety, and difficult but worthwhile.

Lots of nature to share in our photos this week. Sharon shared this picturesque view of Bourton-on the Water and some amazing trees from nearby Barton Arboreutum.

A great picture of a bee pollinating this flower – linking in well with the video Rex found on YouTube explaining the whole pollination system (as discussed in a previous GreenCloud session. The link to the video is

Views of the sky were shared with sunsets and rainbows

And our resident cyclist had some beautiful landscapes to share     including this one on the edge of Newlands farm, boarding Crowthorne and Wokingham.

Before our break, and, after checking the weather, we decided that next week rather than have our group online we would instead have a  socially distanced GreenCloud picnic in Slough!

Then we went onto our usual ‘fun, games and quizzes’ spot. This week a quiz from the Woodland Trust on identifying wild flowers (find it at ) For a change, Rex didn’t win – but after a quick round of Animal Twenty Questions he was the one who finally guessed Sharon’s choice of ferret…

Finishing off the group we were all feeling much lighter, happier.  Properly  nurtured by nature and the safety of the group – and something positive to look forward to. Once again, the magic had worked and check out brought a collection of willows and daisies!