Growing Better Lives

New friends

The day started by welcoming the new members to our group – two males and one female to support Rex who was otherwise going to be all on his lonesome. The three new people were shown to to door of the yurt by Ruth, not knowing what to expect – but once they came in, after thinking it was going to be very structured and regiments, it wasn’t. They words people used were warm, peaceful, cosy, friendly and relaxed, Like ‘the weight coming off your shoulders’, not like the normal day-to-day rushing around and not knowing what to do next. It the sort of experience you can’t explain in words – because you have to feel it.
Before lunch, we made a list of everything we needed to do, and then talked about it without doing anything. But, to be fair, a couple of us were feeling a bit ropey with winter ailments.
We split into two groups – and one made lunch while the other went exploring the site. Lunch was the usual lovely spread, eating (too much) at a leisurely pace – death by egg mayonnaise!
Then we made numerous expeditions to the garden shed through the wet and windy storms – to retrieve various bits of the forthcoming scarecrow.


She (or is it?) at least has a body, legs, arms and a broom handle ‘right up the jacksy’ now. But no head, face, hands or feet – planned for next week. Will also need a boobjob as they are half way down to its knees – and one of our team also mentioned Jackson Pollocks.
Then our check-out – and see you all next week!