Growing Better Lives

Natural, wild and plentiful!

The weather has turned – no longer glorious  sunshine but rain – and lots of it!

But we immersed ourselves in the natural world by sharing our experiences with some beautiful photos. Sharon updated us on her calendulas which are now beginning to bloom and shared views of our trip out including this really peaceful lily pond. Just the solitary flower (self-isolating?). More spectacular views from our cyclist, this time from Sonning with peaceful and calming views of the river there. We saw a picture of the rare albino crocodile – and also some visitors to our own gardens.  This amazingly coloured moth (a Cinnabar moth) was just beautiful 🙂

Having experiences in nature isn’t just about plants and animals though! One member shard a TikTok video of dancing in her Grandma’s garden – great fun to see (although the concept of TikTok did need to be explained to Rex, which was also amusing!). And Vanessa shared her kite flying experience  – launching colour into the sky, and seeing it dive back to earth!.

Our fun slot was a picture quiz of places of natural beauty – six in Berkshire and six natural wonders of the world. Our teams battles to identify what they were as the photo was gradually unmasked: although for one member on a less good connection the photo took minutes rather than seconds to appearL Lots of competitive fun and some very dodgy giving of ‘extra’ points from the quizmaster – I’m still not too sure which team actually won but it was very close!

A mixture of Planticons chosen today at the start and at the finish but we all agreed the session had been:

  • Natural, with plenty of nature connections
  • Wild – in some of the competitive behaviour in the quiz! And
  • Plentiful in that we had plenty of connection and togetherness.