Growing Better Lives

Natural remedies for pain

We started today being very aware of lots of struggles and pain being experienced.

One of our members has a lot of tooth pain so possible solutions were though of including that of Clove Oil – a very old natural remedy but highly recommended!

Some lovely nature experiences shared. Sharon’s seedlings are growing at speed and are now planted out in large pots outside. We saw local beauty spots photographed by our resident cyclist and Rex shared this ‘alien-looking’ photo – in fact a fern starting to unfurl.

We talked about ‘Blue Care’ when Vanessa shared her sea view pictures: the sound and smell of the sea,
seagulls, wild plants in the shoreline all acted to provide calm and reinvigoration – so just like GreenCare!

But you don’t have to go anywhere special to appreciate nature – a friend’s garden or just taking in your local sunrise (4.30am!)

A new word game this week = describing famous people or people we all know by asking cunning questions of the style “if this person was a bird, what bird would they be? See if you can guess the object of Rex’s choice from these answers*:

Animal = rottweiler
Music = Military March
Car = armoured Chevrolet
Musical Instrument = Drum set
Food = Big Mac
Country = Greenland
Vegetable = turnip
Chocolate bar = Caramac

A lot of laughter, a lot of fun – and left us feeling better than we had started. ‘Difficult but worthwhile ‘ and still some pain, but also lots of Bluebells (comforting and unchallenging), and     Willow trees (Protective and safe).

And all planning to meet up in the GreenCloud again next Wednesday 🙂

* Answer = Donald Trump of course! Who else?