Growing Better Lives

Mischief making in the GreenCloud

Fed up. Pain. Conflicted. Difficult – but worthwhile. These were how group members described how they were feeling at the start of today’s session.

We started sharing our nature experiences and the mood began to lift. Some lovely views of Sonning from our resident cyclist, rivers giving us a sense of calmness and serenity. But you don’t need to go far to capture natural beauty – as this spectacular sunset over Bracknell just proves!

Rex showed us his local trees with both tree and leaf identification and a new option he has found on his phone camera – ‘fish-eye’, giving an amazing view of the trees around.

And Vanessa described her ‘attempts’ to fly her new multi-coloured Octopus kite in very strong winds! At least she didn’t let go of this one….

The star of the show though was Sharon’s new addition to her family. No, not another Royal Python, blue-tongued Skink or even a Tarantula but a little baby Dragon for the garden! After much discussion we named him ‘Loki’ from Norse mythology – a real mischief -maker born from fire!

Today’s game was ‘Animal twenty questions’ with skunks, caterpillars, hyenas, orangutans and earth worms. Vanessa’s choice of orangutans was easily guessed (group members had the advantage of knowing where she goes on holiday!) whilst Jodie declared herself the winner since we got confused between caterpillar and butterfly (although you could argue they are really the same animal!) All this led into lots of mischief and teasing with some great facial expressions and much laughter.

A fun experience and the whole session left us feeling more grounded, conformable and safe in being part of this group. Oak trees (Steady and Trustworthy) and Willows (Protective and safe) were the Planticons of choice when we checked out.

Much to enjoy, even in these difficult times. Looking forward to meeting up together next week!