Growing Better Lives

Laughter, Lettuces and Lightning!

GreenCloud met on a sunny day and with lots of  determination to enjoy

Members checked in with some pain, anxiety and a feeling that things were difficult but worthwhile – but also lots of daisies chosen, so playful and fun!

We started our sharing with some beautiful photos around Windsor
with the bridge between Eton and Windsor lit up at night, swans on the river Thames and, over favourite, this amazing sunset. All from our ‘expert’ photographer Jodie who manages to get such amazing pictures from a phone camera!

Some more great landscape phots from our resident cyclist of statuesque trees and swimming lakes and pathways surrounded by ‘green’ – this one looked most enticing since you cannot see what you are walking towards!

We enjoyed great animal pictures of animals
including a seal, a meerkat and butterflies. The pattern on this one looks like smaller butterflies have landed on its wings 🙂

And this shows our animal friends enjoying themselves in nature!

Back to plants and Sharon shared photos including this impressive flower which really attracted out attention with the vibrant colour , the curved petals and the straight spiky-ness of the middle. Beautiful! Less impressive to look at are these home-grown lettuces from Vanessa   – however when you consider they have grown so much in only a couple weeks!

After our break, we competed in teams with a weather quiz. Due to Vanessa being plagued by technical difficulties Rex showed the quiz, and having looked at the answers both he and Vanessa were barred from taking part L Some easily questions, some harder but the best answer has to be to the question “What can be ribbon, rocket, streak or sheet?” with one person (who will not be named!) answering ‘Lettuce’! Some unconscious remember of the rocket in the picture of planted lettuces we think! The answer is of course, Lightning 🙂

Much laughter and (friendly) competitiveness, and some new facts learned. Did you know that the the special type of blue-green lightning that clings to the wing tips of most aircraft is known as St Elmo’s fire? You do now!

Checking out the most popular planticon chosen this time was daisies. A great group, playful and fun, and looking forward to meeting again next Wednesday.