Growing Better Lives

It’s a dog’s life…

We had two new visitors today, one with two legs and one with four. Four legs good, two legs good – to paraphrase George Orwell: George from Lincoln University was young and enthusiastic and a breath of fresh air, and Duke from Datchet was fluffy and cuddly and loved by everybody.
It has been something of a bittersweet day – sadness with a gentle pace, but plenty of things done. We removed all our plants that hadn’t survived the winter from the greenhouse, completed the photo collection round the wall of the yurt, and gave Nat the Scarecrow a new body and a something to stiffen his spine. But unfortunately he still doesn’t have a head!
A full table for lunch of pasta and special egg mayo, with full bellies afterwards – but word association game instead of a siesta.
We’re looking forward to a visit from no-legs Johnny next week – watch this space.