Growing Better Lives

In the (green) Cloud again!

The weather has changed and we all feel a bit less ‘sunny’ in ourselves because of this 🙁

We checked in with our Planticons (with some renaming of ‘gerberas’ to ‘gerbils’) to start then shared our nature contributions. Thanks to Natasha for passing on the animal video and great to see our own experience of the natural world, be it plants we are growing on our windowsill, some amazingly coloured flowers, to views taken on top of a  bicycle.

And special congratulations to Rex for not killing all of his bonsai tree seedlings – good luck to the remaining four! We look forward to progress reports…

After a short break we played ‘Animal 20 questions’ with chosen animals being African elephants, spiders and an Axolotl: this one stumped us all making Sharon the winner! Also known as a Mexican walking fish (a type of salamander) apparently this is a species that Sharon once kept along with her replies and other strange creatures. The picture below is courtesy of Wikipedia…

We then choose our check-out Planticons and good to see people changing from Bird of Paradise(Anxiety Provoking) and Flowering Thistle (Difficult but Worthwhile) to Daisies (Playful and Fun) and Seedlings (Hopeful, promise of progress/new life)

Looking forward to more nature and fun next week!