Growing Better Lives

GreenCloud Gets Going!

Our first GreenCloud was fun, informative, connective, exciting , exciting, inspiring and we all want to do it again! The technology ran fairly smoothly (apart from Vanessa ejecting the ‘wrong’ Leanne from the group!) and it was good to see everyone.

We shared some amazing nature pictures which helped us feel good and it was great to share our experiences.  This one of Heath Lake was taken by a member on a cycle ride (allowable exercise!)  is so tranquil.

And we learned odd facts about animals in Vanessa’s quiz – we all now know that young doves and pigeons are called ‘squibs’ (I’m sure that knowledge will come in useful one day…) . The team that won (on the tie-breaker) went ‘ woof ‘ with the losers left  meowing unhappily… 

We checked in and out using our Planticons and it was lovely that everyone felt that bit better despite the anxious situation we are all living in we could feel that our GreenCloud experience had left us ‘Peaceful and mindful’ and ‘Playful and Fun’.