Growing Better Lives

GreenCloud feeling good!

We met together today with people feeling generally low and sad, with lots of us choosing poppies.

We shared feelings of frustration – both with the current Covid-19 lockdown  and things in our own lives that are difficult to managed – but we are all managing and should be proud ourselves for doing ‘OK’.

We had apologies  from one member who was running late – in fact he wasn’t running anywhere since having walked his dog he managed to get his car stuck in a ditch. Poor Buffy…

Some lovely photos were shared as we discussed our nature experiences. Sharon’s seedlings are growing well, lots of photos of Rhododendrons (after our discussion last week!), views from our cycle and scooter rides, and animals and birds.

An amazing view of a rainbow taken on horseback shown below (despite no actual rain!)

and a little plant that a is fascinating just to look at (leading to some chat about fractals).

After a short break we resume our game of ‘Animal 20 questions’ with an additional rule this week – it had to be an animal that people would have heard of – no more ‘Axolotl’ please! We only just got ‘Panda’ and went on a lengthy chase before finally identifying ‘Pig”. Lots of  enjoyment  – and loads of laughter 🙂 Great to be connecting with each other and simply having a laugh! Next week we will be quizzing again – don’t make the questions too hard Jodie!!!

We all felt better after our GreenCloud session. The power of being together, enjoying our nature reflections and having fun was reflected in our check-out planticons, being  hopeful, playful and peaceful.

And we are all looking forward to next week 🙂