Growing Better Lives

Great Greencare Day

‘Great sunny day at Growing Better Lives greencare today, harvested garlic and onions, onionsleft to dry on Mark’s very special bench, potato salad from freshly dug luscious tatty plants, a hint of paprika. Baby robin very interested too! flitting around from fork to fence, cocked head keeping a close eye on any yummy morsels. Sweetcorn and courgettes coming on a treat, alas beans eaten by slugs but try, try and try again. New plants in today. Lovely lunch with greencare grown lettuce and cucumber, bring and share lunch enhancing the feeling of community, eaten overlooking the, sadly, leaking pond.  Never mind, great crested newts have born their young and will be off to the ‘deep pool’.  Piece de resistance, looking at various composts from around the site under the microscope.  crocodileAnother world!  Mean Martian red ants, peristaltic worms, minutiae of complex, life supporting, veins in a leaf, human knuckle skin mountains and rivulets, a werewolf seen in the decay of matter, resurgent as the inevitable wolf after satiation. A therapeutic community in miniature, but they don’t know it.  greencare group 9 July
Tiny creatures working cooperatively side by side, amidst the darker side of insectdome.  Laughter, sunshine and sheer camaradarie.  Why miss out?’

Fiona 9/7/15