Growing Better Lives

Going bananas…

Meeting up on a sunny afternoon: feelings not so sunny, with some pain and anger, discombobulated and silently screaming. Seems we need some extra Planticons to deal with all these…

We started sharing nature with some amazing photos of Albino animals including giraffes, hedgehogs, a stag whose horns were even white, a tiny white frog, and our favourite, this beautiful turtle

Some lovely landscapes taken while we were out and about. A restful view of the Thames at Sonning from our resident cyclist and this puzzling tree from the woods near Rex.

This is a monkey puzzle tree, and we learnt from Sharon why it is so named! Apparently as monkeys climb up the spikey bits point upwards and so it is all smooth, but the moment the monkey starts to climb down the spikes dig into the little creature and cause great discomfort. So the puzzle is once up, how do you get down… Thank you Sharon for this knowledge!

A much more life-enhancing natural view taken in this expertly crafted photo from Jodie. This is just outside Windsor town although it looks like you are in the depth of countryside. It really is amazing how good cameras on phones are now, although most of us agreed we had no idea how to use the different features available.

One aspect of nature we all agreed to are noticing much more now are the abundance of wild flowers everywhere. Here we have a vivid display of colours in a hedgerow beside a cycle track and four different types of wild flowers found in a tiny area (about 10cm square) on a shingle beach.

Feeling much more relaxed we took our quick break and then settled down to the seriously competitive part – the quiz prepared by Sharon… Questions ranged from parts of the human body to the speed of light (very very fast!) Rex claimed the winners position with others of us not doing so well… The question that gave us most fun has to be “How much of their DNA does the human share with a chimpanzee” (answer given below*). Rex was closest with this, with Vanessa claiming we also share we share most of our DNA with a banana… Lots of laughter and comments/thoughts and who was most like a banana – or most like a chimpanzee J

Finishing off the group we were all feeling much lighter, happier. The magic of GreenCloud and being together in a safe and protective place. Check out brought a collection of willows and daisies!

*Answers are: a chimpanzee shares 98.8% of its DNA with a human. We share about 60% of our genes with a banana!