Growing Better Lives

Full house

Enjoying the warm spring sunshine

It was a troubled full house at the beginning of the day so we all had a lot to off-load in check-in. However, the Greencare group is a refreshing respite from worries. The group reflected that although it might be difficult to get yourself to group, it is worth it as you feel much better for it. Everybody is sad about the group at Iver finishing without knowing exactly when the Yurt will be up again and where, it would help if that was known.

The group decided to keep meeting until the Yurt is installed in its new home, regardless Yurt or no, they are still a group. There were also worries about the group disintegrating, and people not turning up. It was felt that if someone was feeling bad, it might be useful to remember that there are other members of the group maybe feeling the same, so that might help people commit to meeting. These worries were very much in the foreground today. The unknown is very difficult. It is scary and unsettling.

The group felt they would look after and support each other as a Greencare family. “That is why we were all here today.” Even though everybody feels ill as they are worried about the ending, however, they were all glad they came. “Humanity, being together and supporting each other. authentic, genuine.”

We talked about Keep-sakes to commemorate the group as it is and decided on picture frames in which to put a group photo and a little tree to represent our Greencare family tree. Lynda to order the trees and Hils will get the frames and we will make those up next week. We also thought about acquiring some acorns to give visitors who come to experience what Greencare is, from little acorns Oak tree grow.

Hils wanted to ‘catch this moment in time’ at Yurt this morning, here are a few photos of our lovely Yurt in its present home.