Growing Better Lives

Full Fat and Tired

We all welcomed back to the yurt Sharon, James and Johnny after their absence it was so nice to see them.  We always miss those members who aren’t in group.  Last weeks absentees talked about how nice  it was to receive a text when you can’t attend, it makes you feel part of the group as well as alleviating worries and anxiety about returning.  

There was a lot to contain before check-in, but relief was found when we were able to talk it out.  We also had lots to celebrate in particular Linda’s achievement of graduating from another group and undertaking an OU Diploma.  We are all so proud.

We went on a magical mystery tour of the local shops for leeks as the ones in the ground were rotten.  Unfortunately leeks continued to allude us but this failure lead to us producing a different soup which was a wonderful and delicious surprise. While this was going on, others in the group sawed more wood for the wood burner. Our greenhouse had been blown over in the high windsbut on picking it up we were relieved to find the seeds tray intact and that the pea seeds were now seedlings. Our first plants for next year.

 After devouring the delicious soup and carrot cake very kindly brought by Neil (we are now feeling full and fat) Hils learned a bit of Irish from Johnny.  After washing up and tidying the yurt we filled the bird feeders with seed and put up the fat and seed balls that were made last week and had a lovely walk around the environment centre noting the changes as Autumn comes to a close and the beautiful colours which are a delight to the eye.

All that was left to do for today was choose our Planticons and fill in our journals and check out and finally bid each other a fond farewell until next week. 


We are all very tired.