Growing Better Lives

From Seeds to Blooms!

A small (but perfectly formed!) group met today – our tenth GreenCloud
session helping us through lockdown. And we are pleased to announce that despite   all the restrictions we have continued to grow – more about this later!

Today was hot, heatwave covering the UK,  but our feelings when we started weren’t that sunny. Some frustration, anxiety and pain were with us but as were started sharing our nature experiences moods started to lift.

We heard the sad tale of Vanessa losing here kite – but then
seeing it
transformed into a beautiful rainbow cloud!

Rex showed us photos exploring trees in different local woods

and we enjoyed views taken from our resident cyclist that were peaceful and restorative.

But the glory spot this week goes to the now blooming calendulas! These were planted from seed at the start of lockdown, and week by week in GreenCloud we have seen them progress from tiny seedlings to full flowers:

We love these photos, and to us they symbolise hope and growth through very difficult circumstances.

A quick break, then out game this week was ‘Who am I’ – both fictional characters and real people (Including Father Christmas and you can decide which category he falls into!)

GreenCloud left us all feeling so much better, ending with us choosing Daisies (playful and fun) for out check-out planticon!