Growing Better Lives

Determination in the Yurt

Bright and sunny today, after a few bitterly cold, wet and windy days. We met in our toasty yurt with a roaring fire and did our check-in: good to be here, but with a mixture of sometimes difficult emotions. We talked about recovery, and serenity, and love – and finding something like that after a long time of not finding it; but also of being afraid – or even dreading – the thought of losing it.  “I’ve just found my El Dorado, and they are taking it away from me!!”

All sorts of action going ahead and being planned – the campaign group is being set up and we’re trying to find a good name for it. Friends of Greencare –  FoG? Greencare Action Group – GAG?  Slough Action Group – SAG?  Maybe we are not there yet…  But watch this space – there is a lot of determination in the air.

Lunch was a meaty treat today (for carnivores) with pasta, mince, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese and lots of good comforting gooiness, and the specialty of the house – eggs mayonnaise a la Sharon, but not cooked on the wood-burning stove this week. We also started to organise our large archive of A4 photographs in date order, before we put them back up on the walls.

After two rounds of post-prandial Uno, with Pauline as champion of both, it was time for check-out. Again, a realistic mixture of dread and determination!