Growing Better Lives

Chilled and pottering – spuddy

Came into the yurt and lovely to see Steve hers again – back amongst the fold. He wasn’t as afraid as last week, and a bit ‘drifty’ today as it was so laid back.
Quote of the day: ‘This yurt does funny things to me – like coming in and getting a big cuddle’.
Good housekeeping done: fridge, hoovering, pictures up, spuds for lunch, candle fiddling.
Planned what seeds we need to plant next week. Also planning to win the farmer over with horse rustling and farmer wrangling – one of our members has threatened to use whatever feminine charm she needs to get to his horses.
Planned next weeks pasta meal (with optional chillis) and put a two faced mask on the scarecrow – so its not called Natasha any more!