Growing Better Lives

Chill and Tonic

A serene day at the Environment Centre

Today was a chill day and it was a tonic to be here, hence the very clever title (Jones, 2018). We chose not to do a formal check-in but instead a more relaxed discussion of our week as there were only three members in attendance today, four including Duke.

There was inspiration at the Yurt today as we reflected on the people who have made a difference of our lives and how we carry them in our hearts and minds and how we have learned from them. We explored how people relate to us and we them, our impact on each other, “Our experience of these people is like little stepping stones”. We talked how being treated with respect, acceptance and acknowledgement, like a human being, builds trusting relationships that have an lasting effect on us.

This stunning clemetis’ beautiful perfume filled the air

After a lovely shared lunch, we went for a walk in the beautiful spring sunshine. The scent of the clematis was bliss, one of Vanessa’s favourite. The colours of the bright green hedgerows and the yellows, blues and pinks and white of the spring flowers was also a tonic for the soul. “The beauty around makes you appreciate nature and be mindful.”

It was a short day, but it was just doctor ordered. After a happy check-out we chose our Planticons after which we took our leave of each other as we look forward to being together next week.

Jones, V. G. (2018) “Chill and Tonic” Iver, Greencare Title

This chard both looks stunning and tastes devine!

It also comes with pink stalks … …

… and yellow!