Growing Better Lives

Challenges and Being together

A cold, clear day but a nice warm yurt with the fire roaring as the group arrived for Greencare. For some members – Vanessa and Lynda (and Duke!)– it was their first group since Christmas, and since the news that Greencare at Iver was going to stop at the end of May. Lots of feelings and thoughts about the chances ahead, so we postponed our usual check-in until we had discussed the situation. Much sadness and expression of how change is so hard for us, whist at the same time ideas of getting ready for the new future, as challenging as that may be.

Our check-in was, as always, honest and supportive. Lots happening in our lives, medical problems, family, finances – all can seem a nightmare but are helped by sharing. And our honorary member, Duke, even had his own ‘check-in’, barking as the wind whistled around the yurt.

The group split – half going out in the fresh air to collect bits of wood, broken branches, whatever could be gathered to take back to the yurt and dry to provide kindling for our fire. The rest of us were kitchen bound to prepare lunch – warming leek and potato soup (and our habitual egg mayonnaise!).

After lunch we set about brain storming ideas of service-user led projects that could be developed into the ‘new Greencare’ and how we can start to go about working on these.

Some tasks to do in the week were worked out that gave us focus, amidst some overwhelming sadness. It’s hard to imagine Greencare being any different…

Checkout found us glad to have been at the yurt for the day, a whole range of emoticons chosen, leaving looking forward to seeing each other again next week.