Growing Better Lives

By George! A Witch and The Grim Reaper!!!

Some members of the group dressed up for Halloween David as George, Sharon a witch and James the Grim Reaper whoohoohoo!. We had pleasure in welcoming Johnny (not the python, another Johnny) who’s new to the group, and the group were also delighted to have Chris back after time off.

It was a day of spontaneity and random events and laughter which coalesced into a enjoyable time. We negotiated challenges and dilemmas with some feelings of anxiety, however, at the end of the day we were proud of what we had achieved and marvelled how well we did doing it.

While one group sawed logs the others took to the kitchen to cook delicious pumpkin soup and egg mayonnaise (of course!) for lunch that we enjoyed in the cosy Yurt with log fire burning bright.

We lit candles to remember loved ones in light of it being All saints day and this evoked joyous precious memories which were both a joy to tell and a joy to hear. 

Johnny had the turbo grand tour of the site and thought it peaceful and it reminded him of the Botanical Gardens in Dublin due to it’s abundance of plants and vegetables.

By George! It’s a Witch and her old mate the Grim Reaper!!!

It’s a tradition for our new members and visitors to have a slide (not compulsory but fun)

Spooky goings on? Well, not really.

Lighting candles to remember loved ones and sharing fond memories.

After writing of our adventures in the diaries we chose plant-icons to illustrate our feelings about the day we had check out before biding each other a fond farewell till next week.