Growing Better Lives

Birthday boy and log envy

The day started with a mad rush – everybody busy going nowhere, like holding onto a fog, off to Tescos and couldn’t do a U-turn, comings and goings. Hils left all lonesome, needed to eat worms. The fire just wouldn’t do it – despite firelighters, lots of kindling and frantic efforts with the bellows. Wet logs. Oh, to have some dry ones…
James was welcomed back, after doing other voluntary work for a year – rubber ball, keeps bouncing back – and we were all delighted to see him again.
Balloons were blown, banners were hung, cake was iced and spuds put in the oven. Everybody had their noses glued to the windows, watching down the lane, waiting for the belated birthday boy. Happy birthday was sung, the yurt was all adorned with birthday paraphernalia and the blushing birthday boy was suitably bashful – and bouyant with bountifulness and bonhomie!
Doris had left her mark – one of the strips of roofing felt had been ripped off the new shed’s roof by the storm. Temporary repairs were made, and plans made to bring all the necessary parts and tools – to replace the felt and to mend the wobbly gate next week.