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biodynamic greencare in Mysore

Some news from our colleagues in Bangalore!

Kracadawna is a 25 acre organic farm run by the Cariappa family, who – over thirty years – have turned it from a bare patch of land into the sort of eco-paradise loved by ageing hippies like Jan – and the new breed of ecowarriors like Anando and Shama. Our safety assessment had to include various contingencies unknown to the NHS risk police: marauding elephants whose transit corridor goes through the middle of the farm, and a man-eating tiger who has already eaten eleven villagers who can clear the 10-foot electric fence designed to deter the elephants, with eight foot to spare. Also a group of wild boars recently had a rave in the cornfield, and trampled it to the ground. They may be back for more, at any time! And then there were the mega-bugs, snakes, rats the size of cats, chattering monkeys and poisonous spiders.

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