Growing Better Lives

Animal Magic!

GreenCloud today was joined by many of our non-human animal friends and they just added to the magic! We started with a live tour of the stables of our favourite grey came to say helloJ  And throughout our group we met pets including a dog , an African Grey parrot, a bearded dragon, a  blue tongued skink, a very friendly and furry little hamster – plus seeing a photo of a previous pet, this really unusual albino hedgehog!

We all needed the magic of GreenCloud today – starting from a low position with lots of pain and anxiety. The animals really helped shift how we felt and sharing our nature experiences helped us reconnect and feel focused.

 It is really nice that we have our regular scenery shots from our cyclist – this week we loved these calming, shaded waters, such great reflections. And – excitement – Sharon’s calendulas have grown even more and we saw a picture of one which now has flowering buds :-). It is so good to follow through their progress week by week!

One of our members had visited Wellington Country park and showed us the swans and ducks (with their young!).

And we saw roses, poppies, some fantastic extreme weather photos – really great to share all this!

Already feeling better we then competed in a ‘general knowledge’ quiz set my one of our members. Everyone scored some points with our winner gaining a huge 14 out of 20. However, the questions (which were not fair for those who have no TV or film knowledge – hence Vanessa’s dismal score) were great fun. Who would have thought that our chat when trying to finish lines of Queens’ Bohemian Rhapsody – or remembering the type of car in ‘Back to the Future’ who have raised so much laughter and be so much fun! Thanks so much Sharon for preparing the quiz, being a great quizmaster  and giving us such a good time!

When it came to check-out all of our mood had improved and there was overwhelming choice for one planticon – our Daises representing ‘Playful and Fun’!

Next Wednesday another GreenCloud, lots more nature and definitely more fun!