Growing Better Lives

And they called it ‘Puppy Love’…

Everything is beautiful, in its own way! It was a lovely sunny day, with colours from spring flowers and leaves and blossom. An adorable visitor in 11 week old ‘Cookie’, a Tibetan terrier who stole our hearts. Full of energy, investigating everything then fast asleep under the table outside 🙂

Difficult check in, so much going on and trigging past problems but over the day with the people and the place things felt more settled. We were  really pleased to see out seeds and seedlings were magically watered from the capillary matting we set up last week – it worked!

So lovely to be able to eat lunch outside – cheese and tomato pasta and egg mayo (but not made by our expert Sharon and so it didn’t taste the same).

Then commander Hils tool charge of the brigade and sorted our planning for Easter party, even managing to kept the Vanessa person quiet! A walk round the site (looking for places to hide chocolate eggs) then check out, plant emoticons chosen and went home. Greencare did what Greencare always does – going home in a better place than when we came.