Growing Better Lives

Action (plans) packed day

Check-in was supportive and comforting after some members returned from a break which helped improve feelings of anxiety.

Plans were made to promote Greencare, and applications made for foodie support from local supermarkets to supply us with delicious things to eat for our gatherings. We thought about possible mutually beneficial partnerships with other groups and organisations.

We’re heart broken about the horses being moved from the field, no more equine cuddles, they’ll be missed by group as visiting them was an important part of the day. 

While one half of the group cooked lunch the other cleared up the leaves by the shed and tidied up the Yurt and set the table.

After an excellent lunch of pasta in tomatoes sauce with tuna and cheese and the essential house speciality egg mayonnaise. We sorted out which pictures we wanted to use for our next year’s calendar – it was difficult to choose as all were lovely and brought back happy and poignant memories of previous sessions.

Looking forward to receiving our new diaries next week, and enjoyed planning which about photo we would like as the front cover.  

We played a few rounds of Uno, and everyone apart David had a turn at winning, David remains a loser, never mind David maybe next time you will be victorious once more.

Thrilling game of Uno