Growing Better Lives

A day of gifts and Greencare magic

The day started by saying hello to our visitor, Ba, and welcoming her to our Greencare group.  This was a day for her to experience the ‘yurtishness’ and the ‘yurties’: writing this blog as a group she insists on her voice being heard and says “how welcomed she felt and how magic it all was”.


It was good to welcome back Jason and Chris, but we missed other group members and were thinking of them. Introductions, check- in, then a cornucopia of gifts! It felt a bit like Christmas as we received biscuits and a fruit cake from Ba, fridge magnets from Cornwall and one (very posh one!) from Harrods, some biscuits from Scilily and this wonderful bowl brought back from a member’s holiday in Turkey. Looks amazing in the yurt and matches our lights perfectly!

Then to work: one group cooking and another one gardening!

After sharing a wonderful, warming lunch we looked at the example of the new diary and agreed on the format – looking forward to getting the printed version in two weeks time! Memories of past activities as we looked through old phots of Greencare and plotted which should be used for our new project – more of this in later weeks…


What was good about Greencare today? These are what the group decided were the best bits:

“Seeing the yurt”; “The people here”; “Sharon’s Leeks and Potato Soup and talking with Hils”; “The fruit cake and other gifts”, “The promise of the new diaries” and much more 😊