Growing Better Lives

A day of new beginnings

Our day started by welcoming Pauline to the yurt. We had a cup of tea to settle in. then did our check-in, which was supportive as always with good feedback. We celebrated  Neil’s forthcoming birthday by hanging a banner and eating cake and popping party poppers – these brought back some good memories with the smell of them being popped.

Lunch was jacket potatoes which we part-cooked on our log burning stove. One group made lunch, one group started making fat balls for birds but ran out of lard so these will be finished next week.

 After lunch some of us cleaned the yurt whilst the other planted seeds: broad beans, pea, carrots and lettuce (seeds kindly given to us from the Embrace group as a thank you for the harvest festival party). The hoover was a battle in the yurt as it was blocked and frustrated those who used it! The seeds are now planted and n our mini greenhouse.

Back in the yurt fir a cup of tea, blog writing and check out, then a group photo

 New members and needs seeds planted. Another wonderful day at the yurt.