Growing Better Lives

4th August 2016: Damp yurt, Flat people, Irritating barbeque…

All geared up last week for a pre summer break BBQ but everyone arrived to the leaky yurt feeling tired and flat.

Day interwoven with playfulness and laughter. Planning our winter veg led us to discover unplanted seed so a trip to the allotment to replenish the salad stocks.

File 04-08-2016, Hils hacking bramble

Hils attacked the dead wood of a rambling rose and energised herself: cutting back can seem brutal but allows for healthy new growth. This echoed our earlier conversation during check in about parenting boundaries and how difficult it is to parent when you’ve experienced metal health problems with issues such as over-compensating.

File 04-08-2016, 13 23 11Lots of time preparing for our BBQ but it took AGES to heat up so resorted to the griddle in the kitchen. With patience it was plentiful! Singling, laughter, cringing (Sharon). A fulfilling day before, sadly, a break.