Growing Better Lives

2nd June: Rabbit gate

Wherefores art thou Mr Rabbit?

Starting the day in a low mood, disappointed with more rabbit munchers destroying our sunflowers. Missing Fiona and thinking about absent friends and pets. Pricking out marigolds and tomatoes in the greenhouse – but reluctant to plant out to provide a buffet for our furry intruders… the were rabbit and the elusive big cat of Iver Heath that uses the front bed as a lavatory.

A lovely gesture of the gift of an orchid to Mary and sharing of some personal File 02-06-2016, 15 07 19achievements. After a lunch with homegrown  kale in the soup we found to our surprise there was still ONE sunflower still standing (Lynda’s!) and other plants growing really well. Seems rabbits are not fond of broad bean or pumpkin plants!   File 02-06-2016, 15 06 47

Some tidying up, rabbit proofing of gates, tying up the fast growing broad beans and Lynda discovering (nearly falling in) another small sink hole took up our afternoon. Then back in the yurt for check-out – and realising the sunflowers we planted around the yurt (in the apparently ‘wrong’ place are growing strong untouched by any hungry marauders!)